About Our Birds

Are they really doves or pigeons?
We use pure white racing pigeons, which are directly descended from rock doves. Racing pigeon are natural homing birds and are able to fly great distances, whereas doves cannot fly well and are more likely to remain at the release site unable to navigate their way home.

How many white doves make up a release?
Typically we release singles or pairs of doves. However, we can currently release upto 12 birds.

What happens to the birds after they are released?
These doves usually circle above the release site, while they get their bearings, before flying back to their loft. The doves have been specially trained and are able to find their way home, often travelling great distances.

How far can they fly?
The doves are trained to fly over distances of over several hundred miles. The birds are trained by very experienced handlers over a long period. We have over 27 years experience of training, breeding and keeping racing pigeons. While we normally restrict our service to within 50 miles of the loft, we will consider further distances if suitable.

How and when are the doves released?
The birds are usually released from approved pigeons baskets. Birds can be released at any time during your event, provided there will be enough daylight for them to find their way home. Typically this means release should be at least one hour before dusk.

Are there any restrictions for the venue of release?
The doves can be released just about anywhere. Churches, gardens and parks are often good choices, as there is more space to watch the birds fly. However, the only real restriction is that releases shouldn't be within an enclosed area and without any adverse environmental hazards (e.g. power lines) nearby. We always check with the appropriate persons that there is no objection to the release of the birds.

How late can doves be released?
The doves must have enough daylight to be able to fly home. We prefer to release the birds at least one hour before dusk.

Does the weather affect doves releases?
Yes. If the weather conditions are very bad we will not release the doves for their own safety. In the event of heavy rain, high winds, storm, fog or blizzard we will cancel the release and offer a full refund.

Will the doves make a mess on me or my guests?
This is very unlikely as the doves usually "discharge" on their perch and not in flight. The birds can be released directly from their basket or from the hands of an experienced handler.

How do the doves get to the venue?
The birds are transported to the venue in special approved pigeon carriers by an experienced handler.

Can I borrow some doves?
No. All birds are specially bred and trained for this work by very experienced pigeon handlers. All releases must be performed under the supervision of our handlers.

How do I find out more?
Click on the contact link above, where you are welcome to call and talk to us in person, or simply email your questions to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


DIY dove releases - Don't try this yourself!
It may appear a cost saving to obtain and release untrained doves, but this is extremely ill advised. These birds will not normally leave the venue and will make a nuisance of themselves and may have to ultimately be destroyed. They also may not be accustomed to surviving in the wild.

Please report any such cases to the correct authorities.

There are other so called "dove release" people/firms who use untrained birds. Should you decide NOT to use our services, please be absolutely sure that you do your homework for your own sake and ultimately for the sake of the birds - as they will ALL tell you that their doves return home to them once released!

About Our Birds

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